Busy regatta season catch up!

It’s been a hectic few months of racing for the club with all club members getting stuck into racing across Yorkshire and the North East.

Tees Regatta.

Bob and Dave decided to head up the A19 and try their luck in the North East racing at Tees Regatta. The 800m multi-lane course (4 lanes) was a bit of an opportunity to try their racing against opposition from the North East and Scotland with a busy day of racing.

Having done their strength training in the morning by helping move some Learn to Row boats and help move equipment out of the boathouse, they then shot up the A19 to go and race in very wet conditions! Unfortunately they were up against a very tidy Tees crew (some of whom would go on to race at the British Masters Champs and medal) so while no win on this day, some big lessons learned.


York Summer Regatta.

With Tees Regatta laid to rest, Bob and Dave had been out training hard again and were ready for York Summer Regatta. Bob and Dave were again out in their double again flying the flag for Hull in the double and also a planned composite quad with York City against Nottingham.

Unfortunately the Nottingham crew couldn’t race so Bob and Dave had to save themselves for the double and they didn’t disappoint beating a double from Guy Fawkes RC with ease!


Bradford Spring Regatta (otherwise known as the regatta where it REALLY rained!)

Bradford Regatta was one of the events on the clubs definitely attending list and as such we sent as many crews as we could muster!

At 600m it was a great chance to get some of our less experienced rowers and crews out to race over a reasonable distance and for our more experienced crews to hone their skills of racing at very close quarters!

First up was the Women’s Novice Quad of Amy, Bella, Ros, Claire and Charlotte. They were having a great race until the last 100m when equipment failure cost them the race. For a first attempt in this crew it really was a great performance!

Bob and Dave didn’t have the best of rows in their double but as always this doesn’t put them off and plans for the next few races have already been pencilled into the diary!

It’s worth pointing out at this point that it not only rained but was a real storm with crews having to come off the water (including a very soggy Bella and Amy in their double!). However once the weather passed it was back on the water!

Bella and Amy had a good row but the conditions on the water with the flood water spilling off the hills made the course trickier for Amy and Bella who chose caution rather than speed.

Osh had a great first ever race in his Junior 12 single scull race. Nerves got the better of him and he was beaten by a nippy junior from Doncaster, but this has made him keen for more racing!

Charlotte finished the day racing in a Women’s Novice 1 single scull. While she won her heat she was disqualified for steering into her opponents lane (repeatedly!). So while we still await our first ever female winner we now at least have our first ever female DQ!

Next up for the club – we go west to Warrington in July!

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