Welcome to Hull Kingston Rowing Club.

Hull Kingston Rowing Club (also and formally known as Hull Rowing Club) is the only community rowing club based in East Yorkshire. Our vision as a club is very simple: To get more people active through rowing.

20727948_732462466938917_9092087876723133439_nWe are based at Welton Waters Adventure Centre, near Brough, where our club rowing and Learn to Row sessions take place.

We have a growing fleet of singles, doubles and fours as well as a fleet of Learn to Row boats via the British Rowing Explore Rowing scheme. We teach both sculling and sweep at recreational and competitive levels.

Why Rowing?

1. Full Body Workout

As well as being a great cardiovascular workout, rowing also works to strengthen all the major muscles groups; legs, arms, core and glutes. Through rowing you can improve your cardio, strength and endurance. Suffering from back ache? Rowing also strengthens your muscles in your back so you should see those pesky aches reduce or disappear.

2. Solo or Social

Whether you prefer exercising by yourself or as part of a team, rowing is for you. A single scull allows you to row at your own pace and develop in your own time whilst a selection of our crew boats bring people together as a team and build lifelong friendships as well give a great sense of achievement when rowing in synchronisation is achieved.

3. Reduce Stress

Rowing is an excellent stress reliever, whether you need to blow off some steam in a hard work out or want the meditative and calming effects of being surrounded by the tranquil outdoors. In a rowing boat you can just switch off and relax.

4. Lose Weight

A side effect of rowing for some is weight loss. Rowing is a fab calorie burner and muscle toner, combined with healthy eating will help shed some excess pounds and boost your metabolism.

5. Improve Flexibility

When rowing your muscles are worked in a variety of different motions compared to other sports. Rowing promotes mobility and flexibility naturally and this also helps with longevity.

6. Rowing is Ageless

People are able to start rowing from the age of 11 and there is NO upper age limit. Whether you want to row to keep active or get into the racing spirit, rowing is for you without sacrificing your joints.

7. Rehabilitation

Unlike running, rowing is a low-impact sport meaning your joints don’t suffer during the activity. If you’re rehabilitating from a prior injury or suffer with joint pain, rowing is a great way to keep active as you heal. Keeping active enables you to make a quicker recovery and keeps up your mobility whilst your joint recovers.

For more information, check out our news page, Learn to Row, Club Rowing and Junior Rowing pages as well as checking out our Twitter and Facebook pages.

6 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Hi – if you go to our Learn to Row page and drop us an email on the section of the bottom of the page we’ll get you on our list!


  1. Hi
    I have rowing offshore in Denmark over a number of years and would like to start again.

    How do I join your club.


    Johann Weber
    East Yorkshire


  2. Hi my 12 year old and possibly 10 year old daughter are keen to start rowing. We live on common lane and they have done many activities at Welton waters. Do you do lessons/ training?


  3. Hi
    I would like to have a go at rowing.. I don’t know why.. but as a keen but slow cyclist approaching her 60th year.. would like to do something else, as well.

    Kind Regards


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