Our membership fees are set every autumn at our annual general meeting to come into effect in the following January. We aim to provide value for money and our membership fees are competitively priced. Membership fees include use of club equipment and coaching during sessions.

Our 2021 annual membership for all members (junior and adult) will be £150 per year / £75 per 6 months.

Payment for annual membership is payable by the end of January, payment for 6 monthly membership is payable end of July. If you join us between these payment dates, membership fees are charged pro-rata as per the annual membership amount.

Student memberships for the Easter and Christmas breaks are priced at £5 per session. For the summer break, there is a fixed fee of £50. For students rowing term-time only, memberships are priced at £100 for the academic year.

All new members are required to create an account on the British Rowing’s Club Hub system which allows the club to manage its membership.

Hull Kingston Rowing Club is a club for all and welcomes all members regardless of financial situation. If you would like to discuss alternative payment options, please contact the Club at

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