Hull Kingston Rowing Club was founded in the mid-2000’s as Hull Rowing Club which was originally formed as a way of sustaining university rowing and developing community rowing in Hull.

How we are governed

The club is democratically governed by and for its members under its constitution (see below for download). The club is affiliated to British Rowing (formerly the Amateur Rowing Association).


The club is run on a day to day basis by its committee members, who are elected each year at the AGM in the autumn. The committee consists of the Chairperson, Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Welfare Officer and Water Safety Advisor. The last AGM was in October 2020.

You can help too

All members of the club are encouraged to play an active role in helping out around the club, whether it be assisting us to run sessions, fundraising, umpiring, maintaining boats, learning to drive launches……… the list is endless.

Committee 2020/2021

The committee voted in at the Annual General Meeting in October 2020 are as below. They will continue in role until the next AGM in autumn 2021.

Chair/Captain – Charlotte Wilkinson

Secretary – Vikki Jackman

Treasurer – Claire Blacker

Water Safety Advisor – Shaun Suter

Club Welfare Officer – Reuben Jackman

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