2015 AGM done and a new committee elected

The 2015 Annual General Meeting took place on the 10th October at the East Park pavillion and there was a good turnout for this years AGM – over double the attendance of last year.

The Club Officers gave a brief report on the years progress with highlights including the huge growth in club membership, the new equipment that had come through (including four new rowing machines and two new coxed quads/fours) and the rent being secured.

The club membership agreed on the new membership subscriptions and payments methods from January 2016 as recommended by the committee and also approved changes to the training times.

In addition a new committee was elected to serve for one year until October 2016. The committee is as follows:

Chair – Gavin Coates

Captain – Sunil Mukerjea

Secretary – Charlotte Wilkinson

Treasurer – Shelley Main

Club Welfare Officer – Liz Bramhall

Junior Co-ordinator – Michelle Hopson

Club Water Safety Advisor – Gavin Coates

Marketing/Business Development – Rob Aitken

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