EGM Thursday 9th October

To All Members.

Hull Rowing Club would like to give notice of an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) which will be held on Thursday 9th October – location to be confirmed.

The three items on the agenda are as follows:
1) Election of a new committee
2) Renaming of the club from Hull Rowing Club to Hull Kingston Rowing Club
3) Adoption of a new constitution in line with British Rowing and Sport England guidelines

1) Election of a new committee

A new committee is required that is based within Hull. In order to show that the rowing club is ready to expand and has the strength to develop, we require a committee that is located in Hull or the East Riding area who can actively engage with the Local Authority, the Regional Rowing Council, British Rowing and Sport England; as well as working with fellow sports groups and organisations in the area who can support us.

In order to show our funders that we are committed to developing a growing sustainable rowing club in Hull, it is essential that a new committee is elected.

Nominations for committee members are required to fill the following positions:
Club Welfare Officer
Water Safety Advisor
Junior Coordinator
All full members are eligible to stand for nomination. People wishing to stand for committee positions must inform myself, the club secretary, no less than one week in advance of the EGM. Should more than one person stand for a committee position then a secret ballot will be held of all members present at the EGM. In positions where more than one person stands, the people wishing to standing for that position must tell the membership present at the EGM as to why they best think that they are suited for that role.
Any positions unfilled will be filled by the new committee at their first committee meeting.
2) Renaming of club from Hull Rowing Club to Hull Kingston Rowing Club
We request that the membership agree to change the name of Hull Rowing Club to Hull Kingston Rowing Club.

Given the recent dramatic changes to the club through the loss of our Oak Road site and the near loss of our East Park site, it is essential that we start afresh with a strong sense of vision and make a visible demonstration to our partners and funding bodies that the club wishes to continue and more so wishes to develop and secure a permanent future based at East Park. By renaming the club Hull Kingston Rowing Club we provide the club with the strong history that rowing in Hull is based upon and make that visible sign to our partners that we are firmly looking to a long term future based at East Park.

3) Adoption of new constitution

We require the membership to endorse the new constitution as attached. This will allow the club to have the constitutional and legal powers required in order to apply for the Community Amateur Sports Club and ClubMark status that is essential to allow us to seek funding to secure the clubs long term future.

I would like as many members as possible to attend this meeting as its extremely important for the clubs development. If you require any more information about the committee roles, a full description is in the attached constitution or email for more information.

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