Hull does it’s bit for the War of the Roses!

While Kingston upon Hull is famous for turning King Charles I away at the Beverley Gate, a modern-day War of the Roses involving Kingston upon Hull also took place (in the more sedate and genteel surroundings of Saltaire).

Our super competitive duo of Bob and Dave, never the ones to turn down an opportunity to race against fellow Masters Rowers, travelled over to Bradford Amateur Rowing Club to take part in their annual War of the Roses Regatta.

Bradford ARC host their famous War of the Roses Regatta with Masters Rowers from both sides of the Pennines coming over for a day of scratch racing in fours, quads and eights. The whole event is then finished off with a fantastic Bradford Curry and some local Timothy Taylors.

Always up for a race (and quite probably being the oldest competitors at the event), Bob and Dave got drawn against each other in all of the events with Dave ending up on the winning side.

It was a fantastic day out for our Masters Rowers and great to see Bradford ARC looking so good after the damage caused by the New Year floods. We look forward to being back in Saltaire in the Summer for their next regattas.


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