Membership fees

At the Extraordinary General Meeting in October, the new club committee was asked by the club members to look at the membership rates going forward.

It was accepted that the current membership rates for Juniors and Adults was not reflective for a club which wished to grow and also faced new costs due to rent and facility hire.

The club committee examined the best options which would allow the membership rates to remain competitive locally, at a price which would not prohibit people from joining and also allow the club to increase revenue into the club. In addition to this, the club committee was asked to examine ways of encouraging people to take up British Rowing membership (which for a Gold membership for adults is £53 per year).

It was decided to encourage people to take up British Rowing Gold and Silver memberships by the club including the membership into the club fees.

If you go to the memberships page you will find the new membership fees, effective immediately.

Should people have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact Rob Aitken, the Club Treasurer.

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